Wolverine Toasts Beer-Inspired Boot Collab With Dragon’s Milk Stout

The Michigan bootmaker joined forces with the popular American milk stout for some boozy new boots.


Two Michigan-based masters of their respective trades—Wolverine and Dragon’s Milk—are showing fans of boots and beer how a killer collab is done.

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The two lauded companies—Wolverine has been making boots for more than 130 years, and Dragon’s Milk is the country’s top-selling American-made stout— teamed up on a heritage-quality pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots available for pre-order now. They officially launch on April 6th and retail for $400.

The Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection on its own is a fan favorite and a pinnacle of boot-making perfection, based on a 1914 style updated for today’s modern man. And Dragon’s Milk, an incredible stout aged in bourbon barrels and made by New Holland Brewing, is covetable in its own right. And the boots that bring the two West Michigan institutions together? Well, they’re even cooler than you might expect.


After all, brewing beer, much like making boots, requires attention to detail, rich materials and subtle process shifts that can change the character and quality of an ale with the snap of your fingers.

And it’s only right that after a hard day wearing your 1000 Mile Boots, a next-level Dragon’s Milk stout is the ideal way to take a load off. Dragon’s Milk is so good, you can even use it in bourbon-based cocktails (We know—we’ve tried some.)


The Wolverine x Dragon’s Milk 1000 Mile Boots are made with roughout suede leather, meant to call to mind the oak bourbon barrels that give Dragon’s Milk its distinctive flavor and finish.


Bronze hardware on the boots harkens back to brewery hardware, and a removable dragon fob is a neat bit of branding. The tongue of the boots is even adorned with an embossed Dragon’s Milk logo. It’s a beer-and-boots pairing at its very best.