Zodiac Unveils Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver Watch

Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf dive watch line gets snazzy new colorways.


Refreshing your watch rotation is a critical way to upgrade your style game in the new year, and Zodiac is giving you the right way to shake things up and go deep, quite literally.

The Swiss-made heritage watch brand’s Super Sea Wolf line gets a new addition with the water-ready Pro-Diver Mainline Watch, out now. 

It’s the latest in a long line of durable machine watches dating back to the 1950s, yet this timepiece is a distinct update that manages to fall squarely in the “retro-meets-modern” Venn diagram, so to speak.

The real kicker with this new, highly accessible watch? Two color options that add a bright and bold pop to your wrist, at sea and back on dry land. 


Take your pick from a vibrant green and red-orange bezel and dial design, or the suitably oceanic blue-and-black combination, each of which stand out from typical Zodiac watch design (including the classic black-dial Super Sea Wolf). 


The green and red-orange timepiece is a more-than-stylish option with a bit of neat backstory, one that avid divers might recognize: It harkens back to “bioluminescent algae and sea life found in the depths of the ocean,” according to the brand. 

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Promo

The Pro Diver Mainline Watch also meets ISO (or International Organization for Standardization) requirements with its hand-adjusted, Swiss-made Sellita automatic movement, delivering precision and reliability in extreme conditions. 

Speaking of extreme conditions, Zodiac has a few ideas about how far you can push the new Pro Diver Mainline Watch – it’s water-resistant down to 20 ATM or 660 feet. The 42mm case diameter is nicely sized for sporting pursuits and legibility. 

The ZOD4152300 in night mode

If you chose to go deep with this handsome dive watch, SuperLuminova dial markings bolster visibility in low-light situations. The algae green timepiece might be your best bet, if we had to pick just one design for maximum wearability. 

The vertical seven-link stainless steel bracelet is another touch that blends the dressy with the sporty: This is the rare timepiece that could work for on-land pastimes like racing as well as water-focused endeavors, in our book. 

With a fairly agreeable price tag compared to dive watches from other heritage brands (it retails for $1,695), the Pro Diver Mainline Watch is an accessible way to shake up your style and add a dash of sporting appeal to your wardrobe.

Consider it a valuable incentive to start planning your next beach getaway, deep-sea adventures very much included.