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December 21, 2023
Cigar Aficionado magazine reveals the very best cigars of 2023.
March 23, 2023
The singer/guitarist opened up about his favorite smokes and Metallica’s M81 cigar ahead of the band’s latest album, “72 Seasons.”
December 19, 2022
The best stogie of 2022 is “one of the best-kept secrets in the Cuban cigar world,” according to Cigar Aficionado.
January 14, 2022
The best cigar of the year was an incredible Nicaraguan stogie.
Top Cigars Promo Split 2
February 2, 2021
These supremely good stogies are highly recommended by the experts at Cigar Aficionado.
Best Cigars 2018 Promo
December 22, 2018
These incredible stogies smoked the competition.