The Four Seasons Is Offering Extravagant New Private Jet Getaways For 2025

The luxe private jet trips include a 16-day exploration of Asia and a 13-day jaunt to Africa.

If it really is true what they say — that it’s about the journey as much as the destination — then The Four Seasons has upped the ante even further on both accounts. The Four Seasons Private Jet experience is already a thing of unparalleled luxury, but new private jet itineraries planned for 2025 speak to the notion that experience is everything.

(The Four Seasons)

Billed as a “curated collection of global itineraries,” a 13-day African Wonders exploration and a 16-day Asia Unveiled experience both look to be as breathtaking and exceptional as it gets.

(The Four Seasons)

Make no mistake: This year’s planned private jet experiences from The Four Seasons (including a three-week Uncharted Discovery trek to Machu Picchu by way of Antarctica) are no slouch either.

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(The Four Seasons)

And yet, it’s the Four Seasons Airbus A321neo that should prove just as memorable and luxurious, with a design focused on celebrating the “bygone glamour of air travel ,” according to The Four Seasons.

(The Four Seasons)

From an on-board executive chef to a journey physician and a crew trained by The Four Seasons, this private jet experience is assuredly among the most exclusive ways in the world to travel.

(The Four Seasons)

And the exclusivity only seems to double down once you’ve hit the ground: The accommodations are supplied by various Four Seasons hotels and resorts, of course, complete with ground transfers and luggage coordination.

In keeping with that rarified air, both new experiences go for a pretty penny: The Four Seasons’ Asian excursions runs $142,000 per person, with double-occupancy spots on the African Wonders journey going for $148,000.

The journey of a lifetime, complete with an in-flight experience unlike any other, is perhaps worth the price tag, though.