This Private Jet Villa Features A Grounded Boeing 737

The high-flying retreat is unlike any other hotel on the planet.

Hanging Gardens

The term “fly in style” takes on a whole new meaning when the plane itself is grounded–and instead turned into an opulent luxury villa in Indonesia.

A former Boeing 737, dubbed the Hanging Gardens Private Jet Villa, is the latest and greatest way to unlock another level of luxury and opulence, nestled on a cliffside for an experience unmatched by even the best luxury hotels (arguably).

Hanging Gardens

The uncommon setting transforms the former airplane into an astounding two-bedroom, two-bathroom design, notably using the former cockpit as a primary bathroom complete with exceptional furnishings.

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Hanging Gardens

A private infinity pool also complements floating terraces (formerly the wings of the plane itself), all the while surrounded by a lush jungle setting.

The Hanging Gardens Private Jet Villa is a 9-minute drive from Uluwatu Beach, but the accommodations themselves should provide enough visual interest for days of enjoyment.

Hanging Gardens

For good measure, the villa comes complete with a living room, kitchen and dining room–enough design innovation to make you look around twice the next time you fly business class.

Hanging Gardens

There are no guarantees on how easy it might be to get to Bali, but the destination is also outfitted with a helicopter pad.

Needless to say, there’s no locale quite like it, and accordingly, pricing starts at more than $7,000 for a stay at the (formerly) high-flying property.