Abigail Ratchford Just Dropped Pics From Her 2018 Calendar and We Can't Wait to See More

The new year can't get here soon enough.

Instababe extraordinaire Abigail Ratchford can't stop, won't stop making incredible calendars. She made a killer calendar for 2017 in which we got to see her doing plenty of cosplay. 

Based on a couple of pics she recently posted on Instagram, it looks like Abigail is going in that direction again.

Walt Disney might be turning in his grave, but everyone with a pulse will be happy about the photo above. 

We don't know what else Abigail has in store for the upcoming calendar, but it's well worth your time to keep an eye on her Instagram. She'll likely post more calendar teases soon.

In the meantime there are other pics old and new that are always worth a look as well. Check those out below.