Instagram Sensation Amanda Lee Talks Fitness, Fame and How To Win Her Over

No butts about it–she’s absolutely booty-ful.

With butt-centric aesthetics on the upswing, the selfie has given now way to the belfie, or the “butt selfie.” Among the endless, ho-hum shots posted to the ‘gram, one user gloriously stands out from the pack: Amanda Lee.

The LA-based personal trainer has parlayed her pert assets into social media stardom—4.7 million avid followers, and the renown needed to begin building her own derriere-tailored fitness empire.

Maxim recently caught up with the Lee to learn how she got those assets, how she keeps her rear in tip-top shape, whether she or Jen Selter has the best butt, and what she likes in the bedroom.

Did you inherit your backside “from your mama“? 

I’ve always had a booty. It’s partly genetic, but working out has helped a lot.

So what does your workout routine look like, then?
I work lower body two to three times a week with weights. I do different combinations of squats, lunges, leg raises, hip thrusts, dead lifts, step ups, and leg press, to name a few. I try to always switch it up.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. Any other tips?
Always mentally focus on your butt when you work out. It will help you see better results than just going through the motions.

Speaking of which, why are we all so focused on butts nowadays?
I think it’s just the culture we live in today. Everyone wants a booty!

Definitely. We gotta ask: do you think you have a better butt than Jen Selter (@jenselter)?
No, she has an amazing booty! I think we have very different body types though, so I don’t really understand the frequent comparisons. She is much more lean and muscular, and I am a bit curvier.

When did you begin posting to Instagram?
I am a personal trainer, and I had a client who had been in a few hip-hop music videos, so she had about 80,000 followers. One day we took a selfie together at the gym, and she posted it and tagged me. I was suddenly flooded with followers and requests to post workout videos, so I figured I would go with it.

How did you eventually reach 4.7 million followers?
I have no idea! I’m pretty shocked by how fast my page grows. There are so many fitness IG girls who had about 500,000 to 1 million more followers than I did when I started. Now I’ve surpassed almost all of them by millions.

We can guess why. What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you became Instagram famous?
I don’t know if it’s a single thing, but the weirdest part for me is that I can’t walk into a gym anymore without being recognized.

Must be tough. What’s next for you? An acting career perhaps?
I am not trying to be an actress. I am more interested in building my fitness brand with my website and app. A dream gig would be to have a fitness empire.

What’s one thing that no one knows about you?
Nobody knows that I’m actually really shy in person. I see social media as a way to build a brand. I am not as comfortable with all the attention that comes with it.

Since you’re now a sex symbol, let us ask you this: what should a man always do in bed?
I like when a man takes control in bed and just in general. I like aggressiveness.

What should a man never do in bed?
I don’t like when guys try to rush things and hook up too soon. Patience is a turn on, and it creates more mystery and intrigue.

What’s your ideal date?
I’m a huge foodie. My perfect date night would be dinner at a great new restaurant.

We know a few. Is there one thing a man can do to make you fall for him?
I love when a guy makes it clear that they are interested. For example, calling and texting regularly, planning cute dates, and showing affection. When a guy acts too aloof or “plays it cool,” I lose interest.

What are your biggest turnoffs?
There are so many! I would have to go with uncleanliness, no sense of humor, taking yourself too seriously, and no fashion sense.

Any final words for Maxim readers?
Thank you so much for all the love and support! I’ve always been a big Maxim fan, so it is such an honor to be featured!

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