Globetrotting Instababe Amanda Lynn Takes Some of the Hottest Selfies We’ve Ever Seen

These are straight fire.

Amanda Lynn Promo
Photos: Instagram/@misslhommedieu

Snapping the perfect selfie is an art, as is capturing the selfie’s cheeky counterpart, i.e. the “belfie.” Amanda Lynn has mastered both.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Vegas” has amassed well over 1.5 million Instagram followers since making the move from Florida to Sin City and posting her first saucy ‘grams years ago.

Sports Illustrated once recognized her off-the-charts hotness in selecting her as a “Lovely Lady of the Day,” and FHM has also recognized her topless perfection.

What really stands out about Lynn is the sheer number of eye-popping selfies and belfies she cranks out on the reg. Maybe Kim Kardashian had the fame factor to turn out an entire book of those, but Amanda Lynn knows it’s an art.

Geotags put this globetrotting hottie anywhere from LA and Miami to Paris and Gstaad, Switzerland. Luckily, you can always find her sexiest shots in one place. Here’s a sampling: