Watch Belfie Queen Sommer Ray Celebrate 15 Million Instagram Followers With This Booty-Licious Video

No butts about it: she's earned every single follower...

Sommer Ray and her other-wordly assets have officially reached one hell of a benchmark for an Instagram model: 15 million followers. 

To celebrate the occasion, the curvy bombshell recorded a captivating clip of her bouncing her butt to a hip-hop beat while simultaneously penning a short message to her fans on a mirror. 

In case you were wondering how she keeps her jaw-dropping derriere in tip-top shape, she explained with a clever caption alongside one of her many mesmerizing belifes: "Keep your squats low and your standards high." 

Amen to that! Keep up the great work, Sommer. We can never get enough of sexy shots like these: