Bella Hadid Amazes Us With Killer Sideboob In This Revealing Swimsuit

This is a happy place.
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Gorgeous Model of the Year Bella Hadid probably isn't feeling all that low from her breakup with The Weeknd, and he can go make out with Selena Gomez or whoever he wants. Bella, as the above video proves, has it all going on.

In fact, we're guessing she has a killer year ahead. After all, in addition to the Model of 2016 honor, she's made her Victoria's Secret debut in Paris. If she was known in the industry at the beginning of last year, she's becoming a name beyond fashion. Bella Hadid will own 2017. 

And if we're right about that, we'll be here for it. Just a few reasons why — apart from that great video — can be seen in some new and old shots from Bella's incredible Instagram below.

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