Check Out Some of the Beautiful Butts Entering This Year's 'Miss Bumbum Brazil' Contest

They're all winners in the end.

The most honest beauty competition in the world kicks off in Brazil on August 7th. That's when the country's annual Miss Bumbum competition begins, and the nation chooses the best representative butt-tastic bodaciousness. No questions about saving the world, no flute-playing contestants on unicycles—it's all about butts.

Miss Bumbum contestants from various regions of the country—Brazil is only a little smaller than the United States—submit applications to take part. Beginning on the 7th they then face public voting on their, uh, qualities. 

Finalists do some turns on the catwalk and model for photographers before a winner is finally announced. 

Erika Canella won last year's contest, but it must not have worked out great because her Instagram is now private.  

There have been controversies around the competition in the past, such as when the contestants recreated The Last Supper, for some reason.

We've obviously been fans of Miss Bumbum for a while, so we felt it was worth it to highlight some of the great butts from the official Instagram account.

You don't have to live in Brazil and be eligible to vote to appreciate these cheeky women, so enjoy.