We Can't Get Enough of Britney Spears Doing the Splits In Tiny White Shorts

The fit pop star has impressive yoga skills.
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It's true: Britney Spears has hit some rough patches since she first became a superstar while still a teen in the late 1990s. A close look at her Instagram account, however, makes it clear that those days are over. For one thing, she's hotter than ever.

But more than that, Britney is fit and proud of it, and she regularly posts videos on her Insta proving this. The handstand splits in the video above—which demonstrate both strength and impressive flexibility—are just the most recent example that her gym game is tight. 

Britney has posted plenty of images and videos in the past that should provide inspiration for anyone who ever feels like the gym just isn't worth the trouble. Sure, a pop star whose look is important to maintaining an active career has extra motivation, but physical fitness is for everyone—and it's pretty clear that it creates good vibes and has a therapeutic effect.

Below are a few of Britney's workout Instas as well as some performance clips. Who knows, they might even motivate you to get out to a gym today—especially if there's a chance you might see someone there who looks this good breaking a sweat.