Britney Spears Breaks Instagram With Her Catwalk Video Featuring a Smoking Hot Little Black Dress

Yes, she did it again.
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Damn, Britney. Who knew when this pop star blew everyone away nearly 20 years ago with her first series of mega-hits that she'd still be killing it so hard today? Because after some career dips and hugely public major setbacks, Britney has hit a groove in her thirties that's just amazing to behold.

And fortunately for us, we can get a look at how good it's going for the "Baby One More Time" singer just by checking in on her Instagram. She never disappoints—because thirty-something Britney seems not only happy, but super-healthy and of course, hot as hell.

We've highlighted some of these shots before, sure, but maybe not often enough. It's Britney, and what we're getting at here is rather than letting trials and scandals get her down, she's timeless. Check out some more of the greatest hits from her Insta below.  

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