Britney Spears Doing an Upside Down Split Is The Greatest Photo You’ll See Today

Damn, girl.

Britney Spears isn’t just a pop icon, Las Vegas headliner and all-around America’s Sweetheart—she’s also an absolute genius at Instagram.

Just take a look at her latest eye-catching photo above, in which she does an upside down split in nothing but a sports bra and a pair of tiny shorts.

This isn’t the first time Brit has slayed us on the ‘gram. There was this absolute fire throwback photo she recently posted:

And of course the mannequin challenge a while back:

And who can forget the hot moves she busted out to a Meghan Trainor tune:

But our favorite has got to be this classic clip of Spears working out in a bikini top from last summer.

Keep up the good work, Brit! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna hit the showers