Supermodel Cara Delevingne Freaks Us Out With This Face Transforming App

We’re into it.


How does the world’s most sought-after supermodel unwind after photo shoots? If you thought Cara Delevingne loosened up at rooftop nightspots or with the occasional wild party on some billionaire’s yacht, then guess again.

In recent Instagram posts, the British babe has been whiling away the hours on her iPhone, like many non-models do. She’s been testing a new iPhone app—one that gives you the face of Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. 

Naturally, Cara decided to make a video with the app and sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” Watch below:

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The app is called MSQRD, and it gives you a host of options in addition to the “Leo finally nabs that Oscar” face. You can try on Barack Obama’s face or even the late David Bowie’s. But Cara opted for its animal selections, transforming herself into a gorilla and then a dog.

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If we never get to see Leo win that Oscar, at least we have this.

h/t Vanity Fair