Chanel West Coast Drops New Single, And Some Topless Bubble Bath Pics to Go With It

Caution: Contents extremely hot.


(Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Can’t stand “Despacito” anymore and need a fresh new club banger to close out summer correctly? 

Rapper and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory star Chanel West Coast just dropped her latest single—”New Bae (Feat. Safaree)“—and it’s a classic laid-back West Coast hip-hop jam. Listen here:

“Motherfucker you too late ’cause I already a got a new bae,” the bombshell blonde raps to some poor scrub, providing rebounding hotties everywhere the feisty rap hit they surely crave.

She’s already got some sizzling new Instagram shots to go with her latest single. And they’re even hotter than the song.

We’re anxiously awaiting the video for “New Bae.” Until then, revisit some more of Chanel’s sexiest shots.

Her mysterious “new bae” is a lucky man.