Exclusive: Charlotte McKinney Stuns In This Racy Ferrari-Themed Photo Shoot

The gorgeous model and actress looks amazing in these never-before-seen photos.

(Photo: Josh Ryan)

Charlotte McKinney is on a roll. The stunning Guess lingerie model and actress is making a major splash on the big screen in 2017, appearing in a slew of movies, including the high-profile Baywatch and Flatliners reboots. 

But that doesn’t mean the bombshell Orlando native doesn’t make time to stop by Maxim’s New York offices for a Facebook Live. Or to pose for this stunning, classic Ferrari-themed photo shoot lensed by Josh Ryan, seen here for the first time ever. 

Check out the slideshow above to see McKinney in Ryan’s never-before-seen photos. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from her Facebook Live chat with Maxim this week:

Hi Charlotte! So tell us about your role in Baywatch.

I can’t really get too into it, but I drown a little bit… It’s a fun character. It was really fun working with The Rock and Zach Efron. The Rock is really, really big. When I met him in real life I was like, “Wow.” His nickname makes sense once you meet him.

Recently you said in an interview that you are “very, very single”. Any updates on that?

I think I said, “I’m very single,” and someone just ran with it. Yeah, I’m single, but I’m not that desperate! But yes, I’m “very, very” single if you want to say it like that. I’m really just focused on working right now. If the right guy comes along, then great.

(Josh Ryan)

Are there any particular things you look for in a guy?

A nice guy. Obviously decent looking, funny is a big thing. Someone who isn’t afraid to approach me.

What’s the best first date you’ve ever had?

I’m still waiting…they’re always kind of rocky. A nice dinner and good conversation. And booze. Drinks, drinks, drinks, dinner, drinks.

Sounds like fun. Would you rather be at home watching Netflix or out clubbing?

I go through phases where I want to be out all of the time, and them phases where I want to be home. I live in L.A. where it’s not that fun in the winter, so in the summer I’m out a lot. I’m a homebody right now.

When you’re out, what’s your drink of choice?

I keep it simple with vodka and water, and then I drink a lot of red wine.

Any fun facts that people might not know about you?

I’m a big goof and don’t take a lot seriously. I’m pretty easy-going.

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