Check Out The Topless Empire State Building Model’s Maxim Photos!

Say hello to Shelby Carter.

As has been reported in approximately one gazillion places this morning, the owners of the Empire State Building are attempting to sue a photographer for $1.1 million for taking a picture on their property of model Shelby Carter who, it should be noted, was topless at the time. The owners claim that the picture – taken by Iraq war veteran Allen Henson on the 86th floor Observation Deck in August 2013 – goes against their family-friendly reputation, although really, for those people who suffer from vertigo, it was probably quite a welcome distraction. Either way, as soon as we saw Henson’s picture of Shelby in the New York Post, we recognized her from both her gallery in Maxim’s 2014 Hometown Hotties contest, andher memorable appearance in Inside Maxim’s Sack. Check out some more photos of her below:

Since this was a New York Post story, of course, we feel obligated to say, once again, how much we enjoy pun-based headlines, and the Post‘s efforts of “‘Peak’-A-Boo!” and “Eyeful Tower” today were, as ever, worthy contributions to pun history. And since we just can’t leave well enough alone, here are 15 more suggestions for them, just in case this ever happens again:

The Big Apples

An Areola View of the City

The Heaving Tower Of Pisa

Front Teat View

New York Or Bust!

The Breast View Of Manhattan

Twin Peaks

“Hey, My Eyes Are Up Here!”

Twins Tower

Bazooms With A View

On The Top(less) Deck

Top of the Rocks

Boobs Over Broadway

Empire State of Mounds

New York Titty