Check Out the Smoking Hot Women of the NSFW 'Nude Wander 3.0' Instagram

It's only natural.
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It's only fair to admit right up front that Instagram accounts like this often have a time limit. The social sharing site only puts up with so much nudity, and sometimes prudes ruin everyone's fun by reporting them (though others certainly do stand the test of time).

Enjoy and screen shot or whatever for now, though, because the awkwardly-named TheNudeWander 3.0 is rich with shots of nude and appealing natural women posing outdoors, as nature intended.

Fair warning: There are dudes in there too. Sorry guys, we're sticking with the women because that's our thing. 

And they are more than worth a look. 

In case the account vanishes, there's also a backup here. Otherwise, have fun as you travel through the pics below.