Courtney Stodden Blows Up Instagram With Sizzling Nude Pic to 'Celebrate Sexuality'

Just. Damn.

One thing about Courtney Stodden: she's not shy. The reality TV star and Instagram smokeshow became famous when she married an actor 41 years her senior and she was not afraid to jump on that weird, wild horse and ride. 

She's made it pretty fun, too. We have to admit she's added a little extra sizzle and a decent dose of the odd to everything from eating cookies to presidential endorsements to presidential debates.

Courtney wants her Instagram followers clear on one thing, though: she's a feminist. As she wrote in the caption to the photo above, she believes "that a women should celebrate every part of her -- her mind, heart, soul, and body."

"We are all beautiful in our own special way," she continues, "I live my life by allowing myself to feel empowered by every part of my being -- body included. Don't let anyone demonize your flesh. Your sexuality. Your heart. Or your soul. Women, let's stand in unity! It's 2017... we rock!"

Hey, that's a positive message. Check out some more Instas from Courtney below—she's pretty damn uplifting (and sometimes bizarrely entertaining), in her way.