Stunning Dutch Supermodel Doutzen Kroes Breaks a Sweat For the 'LOVE' Advent Calendar

That's some killer cardio.
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UK-based LOVE magazine has been killing it with their 2017 Advent Calendar. Every entry has been solid gold, but they've hit an early peak with Day 9. 

Doutzen Kroes jumping rope in a perfectly cut swimsuit. Not sure what else we need to say, if you haven't already clicked play. 

Doutzen announces that it's "jumprope day" and under Phil Poynter's direction she goes all in. 

Then in keeping with the theme that's tied all the videos together, she finishes with a flourish and says, "Stay strong."

Coming from this sultry supermodel that's such a strong command we're ready to head to the gym. 

We can't highlight a Doutzen Kroes LOVE video without remembering she has a killer Instagram. Check out select shots below.

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