Emily Ratajkowski Dares to ALMOST Free the Nipple on Instagram

So close!

We’re still reeling from Emily Ratajkowski‘s marriage to some guy named Sebastian, but it hasn’t stopped her from baring all on Instagram.

Almost, that is. EmRata came very close to freeing the nipple on Instagram, posing in a transparent trench coat that left all but 10% to the imagination.


It was a sultry “sneak peak” from an upcoming photo shoot for jewelry brand Alison Lou. If you manage to look up, you will see EmRata is rocking some pretty big hoops.

This is no diss, but she may be the least effective model of all time. Every time we see her in a photo, our brains turn to mush and we completely forget what she’s modeling.

Like in that campaign for her own bikini line Inamorata.

Or in the trailer for her new movie with Amy Schumer, the comedy I Feel Pretty.

Hey, she can’t help being gorgeous. Here, 10 of her most recent sexy Instagrams that will make you completely forget what you are doing.