A Very Lucky Individual Just Left Muddy Handprints On Emily Ratajkowski’s Butt

Greatest job ever?


Last November, Maxim kept you abreast of a very urgent and topical matter. An Instagram post from Emily Ratajkowski revealed that a sexy and mysterious handprint had been left on her pert backside. But by whom?


We may now have the answer. EmRata just hit Instagram with a sexy vacation video from Italy. In said video, a friend, with muddied hands, leaves not one but two (2!) cheeky handprints on EmRata’s exposed bottom.


We may finally get to the bottom of this. EmRata’s friend is wearing sunglasses so it is difficult to suss out who the culprit is, but we at least feel an inch closer to cracking this cheeky cold case.

Look for more clues in Emily Ratajkowski’s sexiest Instagram posts, below.