Sizzling Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Just Posted Some Killer Pics Teasing Her New Swimsuit Line

She brings the summer heat year round.
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Emily Ratajkowski is apparently launching a swimsuit line called "Inamorata." There couldn't be a better brand name for such a thing, since one of that word's most commonly-used meanings is "mistress."

That's a pretty sexy definition from a certain point of view. Of course it is, sexy is synonymous with Emily, even when she's posing on a giant pile of pasta.

We don't know when Inamorata will launch yet, but it's already got a damn entertaining Instagram, It features photos of Emily, of course, as well as pics of classic movie stars and supermodels of the past who can kill it in a swimsuit almost well as she can.

It's always nice if you're feeling the effects of winter—less light, cold weather—to lose yourself in something warm and inviting. So naturally, here are some more shots from Emily's Insta below.