Behold The First Photos from 2019 Pirelli Calendar

Gigi Hadid, Misty Copeland and Laetitia Casta star in the sensual annual calendar.

(Photo: Albert Watson/Pirelli)

(Photo: Albert Watson/Pirelli)

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli just released its 2019 Pirelli Calendar, featuring sensual poses from four iconic figures: model Gigi Hadid, ballerina Misty Copeland, old-school supermodel Laetitia Casta, and actress Julia Garner.

(Photo: Albert Watson/Pirelli)

Shot by famed photographer Albert Watson, this year’s calendar is a stunning collection of pictures titled “Dreaming,” which Watson says capture successful women “pursuing her own dreams and passions,” and tells the “tale of the aspirations of four women and their determination to achieve their goals.”

Gigi Hadid with Alexander Wang

“The common denominator is that these people are all active: they’re thinking of their future and they’re dreaming of where they might be in five, ten, twenty years,” Watson explained.

(Photo: Albert Watson/Pirelli)

With that said, this edition of the beloved calendar is much less explicit than previous years, particularly because we’re a year into the #MeToo era. The toned-down 2018 version is a far cry from the notably NSFW 2010 calendar shot by Terry Richardson, for example, which probably wouldn’t be received too well these days…though there is some nudity this year.

Check out some of the (semi) NSFW shots from this year’s calendar in the gallery above.

“It seemed to me the wrong time to be getting a bunch of supermodels to a beach and have them take their tops off. So I moved the nudity away from a Playboy pin-up,” said Watson.

“My idea was always that women were trying to do something with their life. I much preferred that to women taking their tops off.”