Supermodel Hannah Ferguson Sizzles in South Beach Photo Shoot

The Sports Illustrated stunner heats up Miami for Ocean Drive magazine.

Hannah Ferguson, who memorably contorted in a tiny string bikini for Sports Illustrated, is now lending her considerable bombshell appeal to smaller publications.

Heating up the cover of Ocean Drive magazine, the 24-year-old stunner modeled a one-piece in the pool of Miami’s Delano Hotel.

The photo shoot by Randall Slavin then moved to the beaches of South Beach, where Ferguson posed in nothing but a pair of blue jeans.

That’s definitely not standard beachwear, but hey, we don’t fault her for it.

Her beachy beauty is undeniable, but Ferguson reveals to Ocean Drive she didn’t always feel like the knockout she so clearly is.

“I always felt like I was a pretty average person and a normal girl, but I wouldn’t say I was an ugly duckling,” Ferguson said. “I’ve never been out of shape, and I was well-endowed at a young age, I’ll put it that way.”

Ferguson maintained that her assets are the real deal.

“My boobs are 100 percent real,” she said. “My mom was always firm on not wanting us to ever get into plastic surgery and doing injections. She would always say just be happy with what God gave you.”

Amen to that. For more of Ferguson’s photos, check out the full set here