Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato

Celebrate the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s big day with her hottest photos.

Pop princess Demi Lovato has squeezed a lot of life out her first 27 years. 

The mutli-talented singer and actress began her career in show business at 10 years old as Angela on Barney & Friends. She released her hit debut single, “This Is Me,” six years later. 

By age 18, Lovato had developed an eating disorder and cocaine addiction. She entered rehab where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She reportedly hasn’t touched drugs or alcohol in the five years since she completed her program. 

Today, the singer has been open about occasional relapses but she’s generally healthier than ever. In the video for her single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” Lovato sounds as amazing as she looks. She’s even taken up mixed martial arts and partnered with Kate Hudsdon’s female athletic wear company, Fabletics, 


Join us and her millions of fans in wishing Lovato a happy birthday with the gorgeous star’s hottest shots below: