It’s ’90s Supermodel Kate Moss’ Birthday, So Celebrate With Her Sexiest Shots of All Time

Long live the hard-partying British bombshell!


It was 1992 when we first laid eyes on Kate Moss in those skin-baring Calvin Klein ads. The 18-year-old model was stark naked, with her breasts draped over a shirtless Marky Mark—all for the sake of selling some denim. Twenty-seven years later, her waifish beauty and sharp cheekbones are still etched into our memory.

We may have our reservations about the “heroin chic” look, but we cannot help but love her party-girl behavior. With her regular nightclub appearances and devil-may-care attitude, she bridged a gap between hard living and glamour. Suddenly, 90s fashion seems a lot more interesting.

Today, we celebrate the 45th birthday of the indomitable Kate Moss. Above, check out some of our favorite shots of the beautiful Brit.

And have a look at some sizzling Instagrams.