Celebrate Milla Jovovich’s Birthday With Her Hottest Maxim Throwback Photos

We can’t believe the “Resident Evil” star is 43.


Supermodel, action-thriller stalwart, badass. Some do fine achieving fame as just one of those, but Milla Jovovich, the Ukrainian stunner who was born on this date in 1975, is all three. 

Milla began her modeling career as inspiration for legendary work from the likes of Herb Ritts and Richard Avedon. In time she was a muse for both Prada and Versace. But that wasn’t enough. 

She really broke out in 1997 as the strange and hypnotically beautiful Leeloo in then-husband Luc Besson’s space opera (literally, at one point) The Fith Element, sharing the screen with formidable Hollywood talent like Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.

Her film career went into overdrive then in 2002 when she starred in the first — and perhaps best — Resident Evil. As zombie-slaying Alice, Milla handily erased any skepticism on the part of anyone who might have questioned a supermodel’s ability to kick ass in action hero mode. 

She starred in five subsequent installations, concluding with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2016. Audiences already miss seeing Alice do her thing. 

Milla is, like a remarkable number of supermodels, timeless. Get a look at some of her work for Maxim above.