It’s Heidi Klum Taking a Bath, What Else Do You Need?

We’re feeling the Christmas spirit now.

On the tenth day of Advent, Love magazine gave us Heidi Klum in a tub. That’s a statement that wouldn’t fit well in a holiday song but who cares, it’s Heidi Klum

In this, Love‘s Day 10 “Advent Calendar” video, Heidi bathes to music and is captured in close-up and loving detail by the roving camera of UK-based photographer Rankin. The feeling is a little illicit—as if it’s a private video that was leaked, perhaps—and a lot of fun due to Heidi’s masterful flirting with the lens. 

It’s not nearly as fun as sudsing it up with Heidi in real life, but it’s a damn fine pre-Christmas treat.