Helpful Hottie: Caitlin O’Connor

The 2013 Hometown Hotties finalist is now taking your questions.

Photographed for Maxim by Carlos Nunez | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

What drinks should I have ready for girls at my BBQ?

—Seth Owens

Vodka, tequila, and a bunch of sweet mixers. Basically, you need anything that’s strong but doesn’t taste like alcohol!

Should guys wax?

—Leon Walsh

I think they should lay off down there, but waxing your chest and back hair will make some girls happy.

Are convertibles still cool?

—Roman Meyer

It depends. Red converti­bles are too showy, but if it’s a classic car, like my ’64 Lincoln, it’s still very cool.

How often is it OK to eat fast food?

—Jonathan Boyd

As much as you want, as long as you work out twice as many times as you ate it that week. So if you had it twice, you’ve got to hit the gym four times. That formula works for me! 

Should I invite my colleagues to my birthday party?

—Brian Fletcher

Just the single ones, so nothing messy happens!

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