Watch Maxim South Africa Hottie Janna Breslin Strip Out of Her Bikini Top in This Exclusive Video


Janna Breslin Promo
Image: YouTube/WhiskeyCreative

If you liked watching belfie queen Julia Gilas get totally soaked during her beach jaunt, you’ll love this insanely sexy clip featuring Instagram fit girl Janna Breslin.  

Rising video director Jesse Souligny, the man behind Whiskey Creative, shot her in Encinitas, Califo during the highest tide of the year. That didn’t stop Breslin from sizzling in the sand as she strutted on the beach. 

If the first video left you wanting more, here’s an equally-alluring behind-the-scenes bonus clip:

The San Diego-based stunner discovered the perfect way to combine her passion for fitness and modeling by competing as an amateur bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee’s women’s bikini event. Naturally, she ended up a six time winner. 

She’s since been featured in countless fitness mags and as Maxim South Africa’s girl of the week

Looking at her fiery Instagram photos, her success and 500,000 followers come as no surprise: