Jennifer Lawrence Is Now Getting Paid Even More Than The Rock

Bow down to the Hollywood’s money-making queen.


After he was named the top-earning actor in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram to boast about all his hard work and worldly achievements. But we hope he’s not still polishing his laurels because Jennifer Lawrence is coming for his crown.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that the Oscar winner received $20 million upfront for her starring role in the sci-fi epic Passengers—that’s a million bucks more than what The Rock nabbed for his forthcoming Jumanji remake. The news prompted Vanity Fair to blast the headline “Jennifer Lawrence Edges Out The Rock for Hollywood’s Biggest Salary.”

She might be gaining traction, but let it be known The Rock has still made about $20 million more overall in 2016, proving that not even the mighty J-Law can bridge Hollywood’s deplorable wage gap.

Her last hope is to sign on to Fast Nine (fingers crossed).

h/t Vanity Fair