Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Skin-Tight New Leggings in Fiery Fitness Post

You’re welcome.

Jennifer Lopez is the proud owner of a new pair of leggings.

This would not usually be worth a headline. But J.Lo turned what could have been any other boring purchase into a chance for all of Instagram in unite in celebration of the greatness of she who came from The Block.

J.Lo shared a sexy snap on Instagram flaunting new leggings, just before she was about to get her work out in. Her love might not cost a thing, but a body like hers takes work.

“Up and at ‘em rise and shine… about to get in this workout in my new leggings,” J.Lo captioned the photo, along with the hashtag #gettingitin. 

J.Lo just gave us the only gym-spo we will need all year. But here’s some more: