Kate Beckinsale Shared A Stretching Video, And Fans Can't Believe How Flexible She Is

The clip has led many to compare the actress to the famously flexible character Gumby.
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Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

You'd never think Underworld star Kate Beckinsale and Gumby had a lot in common. But after the actress posted a video of a stretching session with trainer Brad Siskind, fans and friends alike name-checked the excessively bendy animated character, with one saying Beckinsale could "give Gumby a run for his money!" 

Regardless of the weirdness of such an observation, the 46-year-old beauty is indeed just as supple and flexible as someone half her age. 

Beckinsale's video accrued over 1.5 million views in no time and she heard from celebrity friends, one of whom agreed with the Gumby fan. 

Selma Blair just posted “Wowza.” But Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn compared her to Gumby too.

One commenter got a response from the star by asking if she was afraid she'd fart. Beckinsale simply (and hilariously) replied, "Mum?"

Beckinsale's Instagram is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's workout videos like this, glamorous magazine glossy shots or just the quick-witted actor's cheeky sense of humor, it's well worth your time.

Take a look at some more examples of why below.