Ke$ha Wants You To Send Her Your Teeth

Looks like we already have a strong contender for “most terrifying headline of the year.”

As you may have heard, singer and former Maxim model Ke$ha checked into rehab earlier this year, looking to treat her eating disorder. Naturally, we continue to wish her all the best, but also wish that she wouldn’t do creepy-ass stuff like this on her Twitter feed:

Yes, you read that correctly – Ke$ha wants her fans to send her their teeth so that she can make “art” with them. Sadly (for her, at least), the rehab center has already issued a statement saying that they will not be accepting parcels of human teeth, as they constitute a biohazard. Now, traditionally, there are only two types of people who collect human teeth, and they are fairies and serial killers (now we think about it, “Fairies & Serial Killer$” could easily be the name of an actual Ke$ha song). We’re fairly certain she isn’t the former, and hoping she isn’t the latter, so honestly, we’re not sure what to make of this request beyond pouring bleach into our ears in the hope that it dissolves our short-term memory. But not our long-term memory, because then we’d forget the time Ke$ha posed for Maxim‘s April 2010 issue. And that would be even sadder than someone asking their fans for teeth OH GOD WHY CAN’T WE FORGET?

Photos by Diana Scheunemann | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014