Kim Kardashian Shares Topless Instagram Photo, Beefs With Lindsay Lohan

She’s breaking the Internet once again.


Kim Kardashian continues her indefatigable quest to #BreakTheInternet, this time dropping six sizzling Instagrams taken by Marcus Hyde.

Hot photos of Kim K? That’s nothing new. What’s noteworthy about these is, not just the 37-year-old reality star’s new cornrows, but just how close she has gone to breaking the rules of Instagram, where showing a nipple is its greatest crime.

Kim K just barely blurred out her nipple from one topless photo, leaving some of the shading intact but blurring out all the details. Let’s hope the ‘gram doesn’t take it down.

They’d be losing eyeballs though. The photo has already garnered over four million likes, more than mere mortals could ever dream of.

The rest of the photos are equally stunning if not less scandalous. There are no thinly veiled nipples but rather butt cleavage (it’s a thing), real cleavage and Kim K on an important phone call (probably related to sales of her KKW Beauty line).

Surprisingly, the only real controversy to come from the photos thus far has been with troubled former child star Lindsay Lohan. LiLo commented on a photo shared by Perez Hilton of Kim K’s new cornrowed hairdo, writing “I am confused.”

This inspired a fiery clap back (klap back?) from Kim K. “You know what’s confusing,” Kim responded. “Your sudden foreign accent.”


We salute Kim Kardashian for risking getting in trouble with the Instagram police (and Lindsey Lohan) just to give us some hot photos… and fight for a future where the nipple might finally be freed

She really is a woman of the people.

Browse more of her most provocative Instagram moments, below.