Meet the Sexy Israeli Army Soldier Who's Got the Internet All Fired Up

This armed and dangerous hottie is totally slaying Instagram.
Kim Mellibovsky Promo

At first glance, Kim Mellibovsky looks like another Instagram hottie with a penchant for posting endless bikini shots and sultry selfies. 

But dig a little deeper, and you'll find that this social media-savvy smokeshow has served as a soldier in the Israeli Army. 

All Israeli citizens are required to serve a minimum of two years in the military upon turning 18, which means there are droves of gorgeous women who know how to fire an assault rifle downrange like this: 

Mellibovsky has been featured on the Hot Israeli Army Girls Instagram account (naturally), but her own fiery feed has helped her amass an impressive 20,000 followers. Here's some pics that might explain why:

h/t: Daily Star 

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