Lindsay Lohan's Halloween Costume Was Basically Just Lingerie

Not that we're complaining.
(Photo: Maxim Australia]

(Photo: Maxim Australia]

For some, Halloween is a chance to channel your inner child and wear some wild shit while attending what's hopefully a decent party. 

For others, it's simply a chance to rock the scantiest possible attire just because you can. Lindsay Lohan apparently falls into the latter category. In fact, her Halloween "costume" last weekend was literally just pink lingerie. 

If that's what she wanted to wear, then more power to her. Pretty much anything goes on Hallow's eve, right?

LiLo clearly does what she wants, and the freckled phenom's Instagram feed is proof. Here's a photo of her posing on the beach hashtagged "no filter."  

And here she is posing for a more risque model shot, cigarette in hand. 

She's also apparently tight with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon. 

Clearly, she's all about her fans posted on her latest endeavors. Follow her on Instagram for more updates on everything Lindsay, and give this former Maxim cover girl a little love.