Lindsay Lohan Just Tried to Destroy International Terrorism With an Instagram Poem

She meant well.

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Lindsay Lohan is a woman of the world now, in the most literal sense. The actor, entrepreneur and former Maxim cover girl has made a life for herself overseas, and with that has come a more expansive worldview than we often find in Hollywood stars accustomed to all the money and partying that goes with that territory. Hence, LiLo’s full-frontal text assault on international terrorism in the form of a poem she recently posted on her Instagram.

🙏 LL book – truth is being honest. #GiveBack

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That’s right, after her energy drink sponsored visits to Syrian refugee camps to ensure the desperate victims fleeing both ISIS and the ongoing civil war in that country have plenty of go-juice, Lindsay obviously has developed some intense feelings about the mass-murdering, torture-happy fanatics of the Islamic State. Here’s a text version of the poem should Linds choose to pull it down for editing or to save it for a future book about her fight against radical Islamists:

sometimes i hear the voice of the one i loved the most
but in this world we live in of terror
who i am to be the girl who is scared and hurt
when most things that happen i cannot explain.
i try to understand
when i’m sitting in bed alone at 3am
so i can’t sleep, i roll over
i can’t think and my body becomes cold
i immediately feel older…..
than i realise, at least i am in a bed
i am still alive
so what can really be said?
just go to bed and close the blinds,
still and so on, i cannot help but want to fix all of these idle isis
there has to be something i can figure out
rather than living in a world of fear and doubt
they now shoot, we used to shout.

if only i can keep trying to fix it all
i would keep the world living loving and small
i would share my smiles
and give too Many kisses.  

We know a lot about Lindsay Lohan at this point. She’s always lived her life out loud, and it’s interesting to gain some insight into what keeps her up at night aside from mega-doses of energy drinks. 

No one should doubt at all that she means well, but there’s a pretty good chance that the idle minds of ISIS are beyond any fixing at this point, given the terrorist group’s responsibility for horrific acts across Europe and the total devastation they’ve wrought across Iraq and Syria.

Lindsay can give a shot at dropping copies of her poem on ISIS-held territory just to see what happens, but we’re pretty sure the only communication that works at this point is high-powered explosives and special forces-trained snipers

h/t Brobible