Leaked Footage From the Tonya Harding Biopic Set Shows Margot Robbie Killing It on the Ice

Her skating chops are impressive indeed.


Blonde sexpot Margot Robbie may have a new nickname: ice queen.

Footage has leaked from the set of I, Tonya, the forthcoming biopic wherein the Australian actress plays disgraced Olympics figure skater Tonya Harding. Once you overlook the supremely ’90s hairdo, you will notice Robbie ice skating like a pro, managing complicated rink routines without ever falling on her ass and demanding a body double.


While real-life Tonya sabotaged her chances at Olympic gold when her cronies bashed rival skater Nancy Kerrigan’s knee with a metal rod (“WHYYYY!?”), Margot may have a real shot at Oscar gold. Paparazzi shots from set reveal her drastic physical transformation for the role, which appears to have required weight gain.

We can’t wait to see Margot tear it up in the rink when I, Tonya hits theaters in 2018. 

h/t FHM