We’re Obsessed With This Smokeshow Fitness Model’s Heart-Racing Instagrams

Check her out.


Not all inspiration comes in the form of a Instagram bikini pic and corny caption. 

21-year-old fitness enthusiast Meghan Gilbert does it by sharing her story. By her senior year of high school, a hard-partying lifestyle and bad eating habits had her 5’4″ frame tipping the scales at 190 pounds. 


It was time to make a change. 

“I revamped my eating habits, adding protein-packed meals, like chicken or eggs with a side of good carbs and veggies, to my diet,” Gilbert told Health. 

“The real change came, though, when I began dating a personal trainer. With his help, I started hitting the gym twice a day, five times a week, doing cardio in the morning and strength training at night.”

It worked. Four months later, she had already lost 65 pounds.  


Gilbert—who now weighs in at a muscular 128 pounds— wants to help others reach their fitness goals. 

She’s created her own 30-day weight loss program and routinely posts workout videos that include descriptions of various exercises. 


Occasionally, the workout fiend does like to kick back with a cold beer. She’s only human, after all! 


If these posts don’t give you a itch for exercise, we don’t know what to tell you. 


h/t: Lad Bible