Meet Rosie Oliveira, the Winner of Brazil’s ‘Miss Bumbum’ Contest

The annual contest crowns the best butt in Brazil.

Rosie Oliveira
Photo: Getty Images

No butts about it—Rosie Oliveira has been tapped as having the best behind in Brazil. 

At least according to the judges at the annual ass-centric Miss Bumbum contest. The bottom-heavy beauty beat out 14 other Brazilian finalists as she strutted the catwalk for a panel of 12 judges in Sao Paulo on Monday night. 

“Everything has to be in proportion,” judge Gisele Alquas told the Daily Mail. “To have a very big bottom you must also be tall.”

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This year’s contest was more controversial than most. 

Six of the 27 women—each of whom represented a Brazilian state—were docked 40,000 votes after an investigation concluded that they used computer software to amass extra points in the public polling stage.  

Five women also protested the recent wave of sexual harassment accusations  by collectively wearing 110 pounds of beef as bikinis. The message was clear: “women are not just a piece of meat.” 

Unfortunately, one dumbass didn’t get the memo. Shortly after Oliveira was crowned the winner, a drunk guy grabbed her behind during an interview. 

“This is exactly what I want to fight against,” the 28-year-old said after slapping him across the face. 

“Just because I’m Miss Bumbum doesn’t mean they can disrespect me. I want to show women you can still have a big beautiful bottom and not be treated like an object.” 

That should go without saying. If you want to respectfully enjoy Oliveira’s incredible assets, check out these sexy selections from her Instagram feed.