Watching This Instababe Do a Smoldering Aerobics Workout Will Make You Really Miss the '80s

Grab a squeeze box of Ecto Cooler and enjoy.
Natalie B

Erotically inclined director Chris Applebaum just paid serious homage to '80s aerobics videos with a super sexy Instagram clip from his "FIT" series. 

Watch as Instagram beauty Natalie B dances, gyrates and pelvic thrusts to the beat of Jermaine Stewart's "Wear Out The Grooves," which is actually the same tune John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis jazzercised to in the movie Perfect. We'd embed the scene below, but... nah. 

On the other hand, we will gladly embed photos from Natalie's fiery Instagram feed. Take a look, and we guarantee you'll click that "follow" button.