Here’s an Even Better View of Ashley Graham’s Recent Twerk-Off Victory

She’s still rocking that thong.

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Remember this killer video of Ashley Graham shaking her moneymaker in the midst of a twerk-off competition? We bet you do!

That said, you need to check out the followup above. Ashley had some shade thrown her way about the first video, so Sports Illustrated stepped up and offered this second look. No one’s complaining. The first from yesterday is below, because you know you wanted to see it one more time.

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The new video, as TMZ says, is really a clap back. The gossip site reported that dancer and model Toccara Jones laughed at Ashley’s moves (and they’re reportedly friends, harsh) and suggested she should leave it to people who do it better. 

Here’s the shade being thrown.

Nah, Ashley looks like she knows what the hell she’s doing to us. We’ve even caught her in the act before, and she killed it.

The thong helped.

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Look, Toccara Jones, there’s a reason Ashley was a Maxim cover model

We’ll take her twerking skills over just about anyone else’s any day.

h/t TMZ