8 Nude Travel Accounts That Are Almost Too Hot For Instagram

Follow them before they're gone.
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Hey, we know people like to get naked online. It's like a third of the internet is constructed on images of naked bodies. Bodies alone and, well, bodies doing things

Instagram has never been super happy about this. The photo-sharing site allows users to show their bodies—but it can only go so far. No nipples or any other body parts that might earn a movie a "hard R" or God forbid, an M or even XXX rating. 

Fortunately for us, some Instagrammers have learned some seriously clever ways to bypass those restrictions and have a lot of fun doing it. Some of our favorites are the nude travelers—people on solo journeys and groups from all over.

A great example of a solo account? Sara Underwood's sizzling shots taken around the world. The majority of nude travel accounts, however, are for average folks who arrive in some distant destination and say, "hey, let's take off our clothes and snap pics!" 

Which is kind of awesome. So here goes.

Cheeky Exploits

It is what it says: lots of butt shots—a.k.a. belfies—from all over the world. Who could complain about that?

The Nude Blogger

Jessa is vegan, into conscious living, and looks really great without her clothes. Let's be grateful that she's so body positive, no matter where she goes (often in some sunny place in Australia, where she's from).

Get Naked Australia

Speaking of Aussies: Damn, our friends down under like stripping down wherever they go. They live on a massive, sun-drenched island, basically—okay, fine, a continent—so who can blame them? From Sydney to Asia, to Hollywood and beyond, there are nude Australians lurking in the landscape.

A Naked Girl

She's from the Netherlands, she travels the world, she's not wearing any clothes, she looks great that way. It is what it is.

Naked In Nature

The account says it just makes sense, and of course it does. It totally makes sense for individuals and groups to gather in various spots and take photos of their butts and other parts. 

Naked Wanderings

So this is a couple who are trying to normalize nudity one country at a time. Respect.

Bare to Be Free

If you think about it, the name of this account has layers of meaning. It's pretty daring to bare it. As you can see here, there are a lot of daring people around the world.

Sara Underwood

It's Sara. Not sure she really needs any introduction. She goes everywhere shedding clothing and delivering happiness. That's why we added some extra shots from her.