Meet the Bombshell Model Who’s Sharing Hot Pics of Her ‘Fitness Booty Plan’ on Instagram

Good Lord.

Rosanna Arkle Promo
Image: Instagram/@rosannaarkle

Rosanna Arkle hasn’t just made her bodacious backside the star of her Instagram feed–she’s created an entire ass-centric lifestyle called the “Fitness Booty Plan.”

The Australian-born hottie has developed a comprehensive meal and exercise regimen specifically designed to chisel merely impressive glutes into a glorious masterpiece. 

And judging from these pictures, it’s definitely working:

In case you’re curious about her rear-end regimen, Arkle’s four-month program is accessible for a small monthly subscription fee via her website. 

If you need further proof that it’s legit, check out the hard-bodied beauty’s sexiest Instagram shots below: