Stunning Russian Model Viki Odintcova Is An Absolutely Fearless Daredevil

Hanging one-handed from a Dubai skyscraper is straight-up crazy.
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One thing we know for sure about Russian supermodel Viki Odintcova: Based on videos she's uploaded to her steamy Instagram account, she's as courageous as she is beautiful.  

Viki proved this with a shoot by Russia's Mavrin Studios that could have easily ended in tragedy. RT reports Viki "has been heavily criticized online" for the stunt, which involved her and a camera crew climbing to the top floors of one of Dubai's many multi-story towers and shooting GoPro footage of her literally hanging one-handed from a ledge, held up only by an assistant's hand. The full video—which is in Russian—is below.

Mavrin has uploaded other videos featuring Viki that aren't such nail biters, but they still make it clear she certainly knows how to have fun. We're beginning to wonder if she's not angling to eventually be the first Bond girl to do her own stunts. 

Hand-wringing about Viki's sense of adventure is overdone. Models can be stereotyped as brittle porcelain dolls better kept safely in a box—it's thrilling to see one who has such an amazing sense of adventure and fun. 

Of course, we've said before that we can't get enough of Viki. Once you get a look at some great shots from her Insta below, you'll understand exactly what we mean.