Stunner Samantha Hoopes Sizzles in This Recap of Her Swimsuit Photoshoots Around the World

You might want to cool off after this.
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Samantha Hoopes is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue five-timer, beginning in 2014. It's not like anyone needs to explain why—she'd look incredible in swimwear made out of duct tape. 

SI apparently appreciates what they've got here, and on Friday shared a recap of the 27-year-old's many shoots all over the world. As you see in the video above, the clips only make us realize we want more Samantha. 

The recap video doesn't capture all of her best moments, of course. Samantha has used her SI photos and videos to challenge Instagram's prudish norms sometimes, and to excellent effect. 

Look, there's not a lot more to say about Samantha Hoopes at the moment—her work speaks for itself. You just want to get to the pics. 

Check out some new shots and some classics from her Insta below.

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