This Steamy New Video From Fiery Redhead Savana Hume Might Melt Your Computer Screen

Damn, girl.

Savana Hume promo
Image: YouTube/WhiskeyCreative

Redheads make up less than two percent of the global population. That’s why the discovery of fiery models like Savana Hume is a cause for celebration.  

The 6’0″ stunner partnered with Jesse Souligny of Whiskey Creative—the same directorial genius who soaked Julia Gilas in an equally mesmerizing clip—to do this jaw-dropping number. 

Hume lights up the set with a variety of barely-there outfits that accentuate her incredible curves. 

If watching Savana smolder in her part of the video left you wanting more, check out these sexy selections from her Instagram feed.